Krabi Dream Team

Krabin tehokolmikko
Raya Divers Krabin tehokolmikko
1. Who / where / what?
Adelia: My name is Adelia and I work mainly at Krabi office, sometimes also as a snorkeling guide.
Iris: I'm Iris, diving instructor at Krabi.
Saara: I'm Saara, a snorkeling guide at Krabi and helping out in the office.
2. Where do you come from / what did you do before this?
Adelia: From Helsinki, Finland. Graduated from the high school in 2016. Now I'm studying Business and Administration and doing my internship here at Raya. In Finland I work at Ikea in addition to my studies.
Iris: I come from here and there and last I was working in the diving industry at beautiful Croatia and was exploring California!
Saara: Originally from Espoo, Finland, but at the moment even the new subway won't get me to go back there. Before working at Raya I was travelling in Asia for three months. Then I realized that would be nice to stay at Krabi a bit longer, so here I am!
3. Best thing at Krabi?
Adelia: Centrally located, nearby islands and endless activities.
Iris: Nothing beats these limestone cliffs! Sunsets, fresh sea breeze and nice local people.
Saara: The best are my collegues and all the snorkeling and diving spots where I have been enjoying the beautiful scenery. Scuba diving has also opened me a new kind of world and studying it is getting more and more exciting every day.
4. Favourite excursion?
Adelia: My favourite is Snorkeling Safari. Bida is my favourite snorkeling spot and sunset and stars are an awesome experience when night snorkeling at Yawasam.
Iris: Wreck diving on wednesdays.
Saara: There's not just one favourite, I simply enjoy being out in the ocean and snorkeling. If I have to mention something specific, maybe Snorkeling Safari and Bida Nok and the shark family living there.
5. Favourite restaurant?
Adelia: Local little place next to 7-11 where is the best (and cheapest) chicken noodle soup in the world. If I get bored with Thai food then Cafe8.89 which has the best western coffee.
Iris: My own kitchen ;)
Saara: Hmm. Definitely all the local little street kitchens everywhere. In Klong Haeng area has many places that are in my top 5 list.
6. Green curry or Phat Thai?
Adelia: Phat thai
Iris: Green curry, even though yellow curry is even better.
Saara: Definitely Green Curry, extra spicy!
7. Big fish or little creatures?
Adelia: Big fish
Iris: Nothing beats the little Nudibranches but Whale Sharks are awesome as well! So big fish and little creatures, either one, the most beautiful things in the world!!
Saara: The little creatures are really cute. My favourite is a yeallo Box Fish!
8. Singha or Chang?
Adelia: Singha.
Iris: Singha Light, ice cold, thank you! :D
Saara: Chang!
9. Beach bar or Night Club?
Adelia: Beach bar.
Iris: Beach reggae bar <3
Saara: Chilling beach bar with Chang beer!
10. Funniest thing of the winter?
Adelia: Most fun is to do my internship in Thailand and beat the depressing cold and dark winter of Finland.
Iris: Whale sharks and great customers that many has become life-long friends. ❤
Saara: Was there a winter? :D Sun and the ocean has been fun, and the little creatures underwater!

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