From despair to happiness - By Anniina

From despair to happiness - By Anniina

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The Ratanachan family were at home for nearly three months. We both live hectic lives on our own and are constantly in contact with people. It was pretty weird when it all ended up suddenly; our lives outdoors and instead we were stuck in a life inside four walls. In the beginning, the rhythm of the day revolved around exercise in the form of long walks and fortunately the ever-tightening movement restrictions did not affect it in any way. In our free time, we often go out to eat, but now we prepared the meals ourselves and that was another thing around which time helped the time go by.

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The rhythm of the day was quickly found and seemed well suited for us both. The best thing about being together is that when one becomes restless and insecure, the other reminds you of how things always tend to work out at the end. I dare say for both of us that after recovering from the first shock, we liked staying home and spending time together. We have never had to spend as much time together and it was the best thing of this all. The days just flowed at their own pace and just “being” took on a whole new meaning. From this being, we also got a chance to help others, which further increased the purposefulness of the extra time.
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My feelings ranged from valuing one’s own time, through conspiracy theories to despair, and the material to feed it all was provided by social media. Some of the news called to develop oneself and enjoy the free time, and other was apocalyptic predictions and horror scenarios. I was surprised how so many news seemed to spread fear and uncertainty even though I knew it was necessary to create hope.

Personally, I ended up taking it one day at a time and trying to keep to it that our small bubble could be as comfortable as possible. Most of the time, I was able to keep my head straight, but at the very end there was a week-long pit that my own emotions dug for myself and it seemed appropriate to dwell in it. In retrospect, it was probably a matter of frustration more than anything else. I knew that the return to normal, that is, to the new normal, was approaching, and I didn’t know if I wanted to go back to mine anymore.
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I believe that each of us has our own path and if one gives in, it will always end up exactly where it is meant to be. This does not mean that you are drifting in the current, but that you know yourself well and always seize the opportunities that take you forward. My path took me to a new job in a completely wonderful setting. I would argue that this would never have happened without the corona.

I wouldn’t have believed how much corona affects my own life and especially that it would do so in a positive manner. Besides the fact that I am at the beginning of a new challenging work I almost cry for joy when I use the public toilets and in all there’s hand soap, and if this had been the only positive change then I would have been satisfied. The increase in the general level of hygiene is small, but in the long run it is an important factor for the well-being of the people.
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Excessive reliance on external income of the national economy is very short-sighted, and it is now imperative to find solutions to sustainable development and to encourage it on our own. While it may take time, in the end it will benefit those who are now in the most vulnerable position. It has already been seen that until then we have the humanity to support one another. There is no choice but to try to see the light at the end of the tunnel, both personally and at the state level.

The spike in my own flesh is still the mandatory use of masks and the fact that just when we got rid of the plastic bag mania, we are again in danger of falling into a new trap in favour of a disposable culture under the guise of hygiene. Finding a balance is a constant effort but the main thing is that there is a constant effort to it.
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We’ve already dug out from our bubble and as the first destination after a long time we tried out what The Grind Cafe Phuket has to offer. The Cafe Restaurant is the latest addition to the Underwood Art Factory, which is definitely the most personal design house on the entire Island. With over thirty years of experience the father / son duo does high quality and utterly imaginative projects and the whole place exudes creativity and is therefore definitely one of the most interesting destinations on Phuket to visit. The Fish Taco was super fresh and tasty, made from catch of the day fish in Korean style and service was nice and uncomplicated. Best of all, the restaurant is located along my new work route, so I have a good reason to go there soon and often again.

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